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 Our country beidou satellite navigation chip the significant breakthrough
From: Time2012-2-3

December 27, 2011, the state formally announced the Beidou satellite navigation system start trial run, marking China's independent satellite navigation industry development has entered a new stage of development. Is expected in 2020 China satellite navigation industry output will reach 400000000000 yuan, whole industry scale, broad prospects for China's national defense construction, the development of science and technology and economic growth have a profound impact.

Satellite navigation industry and improve the development, network construction is crucial; at the same time, satellite navigation application market can form dimensions depends on the application of terminal, and terminal used in the baseband and RF chip navigation technology content and added value is the highest point, directly affects the development of the whole industry. Through the establishment of major special application and industrialization projects, China has achieved the multimode baseband and RF chip navigation localization, it is particularly worth mentioning is that, with China's independent intellectual property rights of the application processor in the multimode navigation chip scale application.

Satellite navigation terminal base-band general navigation through a special ASIC hardware circuit combines the application processor scheme, prior to application processor is widely adopted by foreign companies ARM processor chip core, need to pay licensing fees to foreign IP nuclear use, the processor is subject to foreign countries, can not completely solve the industrial safety and security issues.

It is reported, at present the industrialization of the BD / GPS multimode baseband chip solutions, has appeared satellite navigation special ASIC hardware combined with the domestic application processor program, the application processor by our local IC design company R & D, with fully independent intellectual property rights, one broke the electronic terminal products industry widely adopted abroad processor situation, real significance on the realization of the " Chinese core", also make our country Beidou satellite navigation terminal industry took the lead in forming a chip from the chip design to the kernel processor is completely independent of the favorable situation.

The application processor for domestic completely independent development of the CPU / DSP kernel, all the key technology has 100% independent intellectual property rights in China, instruction set, the compiler software tool chain for independent development; the processor based on the internationally leading level of the multithreaded processor architecture, this architecture allows multiple threads can be shared between many hardware resources application of equivalent, multi-core processor, provide the equivalent of multiple nuclear processor capable of processing at the same time, saving the cost of the chip.

Based on the domestic satellite navigation chip processor program module, is currently the world 's smallest BD / GPS dual mode module, has high accuracy, fast startup time and low power consumption, access to many manufacturers authorized vehicle monitoring terminal, based on the modular production terminal manufacturers have nearly a hundred home, chip has been tested nearly one hundred thousand pieces, through mass production inspection. With the current state of the demonstration project of the application to further develop, the domestic application of processor scale will step to a new level.

Beidou satellite navigation system is our country's independent development, independent operation of the system, if the domestic processor in the Beidou satellite navigation terminal industry universal application, will complete the implementation of satellite navigation module from the baseband, RF to processor completely homebred, eliminating chip" backdoor" hidden risk, not only conducive to the long-term development of industry autonomy, and the China's independent chip processor development also has important significance, domestic application processor from the industrial scale application start, then in the mobile communication, Internet and other emerging industries have been more widely used, as China IC design industry to inject new vitality into the development, which is also the Beidou satellite navigation system plays one of the many lead roles.


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