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 Focus on product smart phone chip business all-round maturity to participate in the competition
From: Time2012-2-7

" In the next few years, more and more partners will be added to the intelligent mobile phone industry chain. Carrier, chip manufacturers, mobile phone manufacturers, traditional Internet companies and developers will benefit from the industry."

Qualcomm has released a Snapdragon S1 - S4 series processors, support for terminal product coverage of the mass market intelligent mobile phone and high-end intelligent mobile phone and computer. Snapdragon S4 series two mobile processor MSM8625 and MSM8225 integrated frequency up to 1GHz dual-core CPU, Adreno 203 GPU and 3G modem. Terminal manufacturers will be based on the Snapdragon S1 design seamless migration into the dual-core S4 mobile processor, thereby achieving higher cost effectiveness.

The intelligent mobile phone on the system design and software design of the threshold is relatively high, in addition to the hardware, Qualcomm also launched the QRD platform, which is a reference design platform and ecosystem. Relying on this platform, partner can take full advantage of predictive testing, the integration and the approval of the hardware components and application, so as to effectively reduce design risk. The QRD project covering the complete software and hardware components of ecosystem, so that third party software and hardware vendors to QRD platform based on their products for testing and optimization. Introduction of QRD and development, is committed to support continuous segments of high intelligent mobile phone market demand growth initiatives. AllJoyn, augmented reality, 3D stereoscopic video, webpage optimization technique, gesture recognition and ecological technology such as the system will be implemented on the QRD platform optimization, ensure that customers can in Snapdragon based on various types of terminals provide different user experience.

Qualcomm also and Sina, Tencent, Baidu, Ali cloud, millet and other 18 partners, introduced based on the QRD prototype optimization innovation application. At present, more than 30 Chinese partners are based on QRD design and development of more than 30 Android terminal.

High integration, low power, high performance, widely connected support, software and hardware and support both multimode multi-frequency is Qualcomm chips advantage. With a high set as example, each piece of Snapdragon chips are integrated multiple hardware subsystems, including a central processing unit ( CPU ), the graphics processor ( GPU ), a modem, a multimedia processor, the global positioning system ( GPS ), digital signal processors, sensors and advanced management software.

On 2012, Chinese mobile phone provider of intelligent mobile phone high volume is expected to reach 101400000, than last year's 52000000 by 94%, almost 10 times that of 2009.

The next few years, more and more partners will be added to the intelligent mobile phone industry chain. Carrier, chip manufacturers, mobile phone manufacturers, traditional Internet companies and developers will benefit from the industry. Qualcomm is committed to creating a complete ecological system, and finally solve the Chinese partner of the hardware, software and services the local demand.

Shenzhen Semiconductor Industry Association Deputy Secretary-General Li Mingjun

" And feature phone times photograph is compared, in addition to increasing the degree of integration, the chip program maturity has not reached the level of 2G mobile phone."

In the era of the morphological feature phone, mobile phone differ in thousands of ways; and to intelligent mobile phone, mobile phone from his appearance is almost always a way, may be the only screen size difference, how to reflect the difference of the product, the chip manufacturer is a big challenge.

Thousand yuan intelligent mobile phone appearance greatly promote the intelligent mobile phone development, especially in China and overseas emerging markets. This kind of product cost sensitive, so for the domestic IC industry has brought more opportunities, especially for peripheral devices, die component manufacturers. Local enterprises should take flexible services, rapid market response and the customer's thorough solution to deal with, believe in this field will be.

And feature phone times photograph is compared, in addition to increasing the degree of integration, the chip program maturity has not reached the level of 2G mobile phone. Now the market changes very quickly, the manufacturer faces new products to market pressure, if the software and hardware debugging time is too long will seriously affect the progress of product development.

Therefore, the chip market performance does not depend on the price, depends more on product maturity. Especially with other devices of the complexes as well as on different platforms have stable performance, thereby reducing the user difficulty. Only the maximum of helping the user to complete the development of new products, to meet user in performance and cost requirements, chip manufacturer is only possible to achieve greater development.

Besides function, but also should pay attention to the user experience. Mobile phone manufacturers need to know about the different types of user needs and habits, for specific user groups were designed, in order to attract the attention of the user.

Compared with feature phone, intelligent mobile phone on manufacturer's technical threshold is relatively high, the operator voice more. Therefore, small and mobile phone manufacturers and design companies will face great pressure, the industry reshuffle inevitable. Some of the large project business began to shift to the brand business, it will be a force to be reckoned with market forces. On 2012, Chinese intelligent mobile phone market growth of at least 50%, including ZTE and Huawei, cool and so on are actively layout, these manufacturers of intelligent machine proportion will fully over feature phone.

Sai Di adviser based electronic industry research center director Wang Yong

" For a local company, first of all should be based on their own products and strength to do a good market position, directed downstream customers to provide the necessary technical and service."

At present, the integration degree is a chip manufacturer competition is a key point. However, integration can not be too rigid, to the terminal enterprise flexibility. As the mobile phone market is mature, differentiated and personalized competition is very important, many terminal enterprise program integration, but also value the flexibility scenarios. A chip from a cost point of view, some terminal enterprises hope to chip functional integration has the difference, but need to chip interface is generic.

Intelligent mobile phone application has been continuously enriched, intelligent mobile phone performance, including a touch screen, a camera and relates to the application experience of the parameters will be more and more important. Therefore, only by the Android operating system to support the cheap intelligent mobile phone and can't get long development. In addition to apple, HTC, Samsung and other brands, has certain characteristics of the mobile phone may have good performance.

At present, the thousand yuan intelligent mobile phone market is a hotspot in the field of mobile internet. A feature phone like, 1000 yuan of intelligent mobile phone will have an explosive growth, and the price competition will be fierce.

For the native application processor chip business, this is the opportunity. Because the intelligent machine market native chip is still very difficult to enter. For local enterprises, first of all should be based on their own products and strength to do a good market position, directed downstream customers to provide the necessary technical and service.

In addition, in respect of promotion competition ability, service, supply and price factors. The price of main product positioning, as the system design and software design of threshold elevation, service becomes more and more important. The terminal consumers, service is the most important. For example, QQ, Alibaba etc. These has a large user base service enterprises easier to enter this field. For chip companies, still just do the base chip, in order to set up the hardware chip sales and service channels is not realistic, at least not general directions. The TurnKey pattern is popular for so many years, is no longer a MTK chip patent, enterprise to change application. In addition, for local enterprises, chip supply time is also very important.

The hardware and software environment, convergence of winning, first of all to improve their product solutions, the most important is associated with a number of enterprises to establish partnership. At the same time, always pay close attention to the new client change.

IC observation

Industry chain cooperation not one less

Small chip, big world. So the smart mobile phone become "smart" is intelligent mobile phone on the chip, this tiny chip casting intelligent mobile phone 's brilliant, promoting its rapid development. Looking back on the past year intelligent mobile phone chip footprint, can be said that each step is a pioneering work. LG using NVIDIA Tegra2 processor chip to launch the world's first dual-core mobile phone; China Unicom launched a thousand yuan intelligent machine, processors in 600MHz above; using Qualcomm MSM8260 dual-core processor 1.5GHz millet mobile phone available; apple A5 chip is applied to the mobile phone, accelerate the dual-core chips product technology development and market competition.

Intelligent mobile phone era, system design and software design of the relatively high threshold. In the international intelligent mobile phone brand and Chinese intelligent mobile phone brand competition, the gap gradually narrowing of the hardware, software contest has larger space.

The traditional division of the industrial supply chain mode is also changing, do electronic business affairs Alibaba, to do the search Baidu and making social Tencent, have also made mobile phone. Huawei, ZTE, Lenovo as the representative of 1000 yuan of intelligent mobile phone, mobile Internet market has occupied half of the country. Thousand yuan intelligent mobile phone appearance, also make to the price advantage based on the copycat mobile phone in a very passive position, mobile phone industry has begun to reshuffle.

For domestic chip manufacturer, 1000 yuan of intelligent mobile phone brought huge market space. Because foreign chip manufacturers have already occupied the high-end mobile phone market, the local chip manufacturers want to get into this field are less likely. Only in the new areas of the market to find a breakthrough, we can obtain greater vitality.

A chip from the point of the development contrail, increasing integration, energy consumption is less and less, run faster and faster, more and more low cost. In a dual-core processor is becoming the mainstream of the time, just the end of the 2012CES, quad-core processor becomes the key words. Quad Processor appear, will undoubtedly bring a new age of high performance, which will greatly improve the product performance, a greater extent to meet the customers requirements, intelligent mobile phone performance once again pushed to a commanding elevation.

At present, a war without the smoke of chip war has also pulled open heavy curtain, in the chip area dominant Intel, early missed a good opportunity to develop mobile field, see Windows 8 supports ARM framework, Windows Phone platform also chose to Qualcomm chips. On the 2012CES, not to be outdone, Intel announced a high-profile enter the intelligent mobile phone chip market, launched a framework based on X86 32 nm Atom chip, has overcome the problem of high energy consumption. See not hard, Intel this action is to expand the market share, to regain lost market; two is to suppress the ARM chip manufacturers.

From the recent introduction of new smart mobile phone, for example: Lenovo K800, Huawei launched the world's thinnest intelligent mobile phone, intelligent mobile phone in appearance no qualitative difference. In the intelligent mobile phone market has become increasingly mature, for consumers, more intelligent mobile phone application, simple operation, screen clarity, content download speed and battery energy consumption situation. Intel CEO Paul Otellini at this year's CES also stressed, calculation of the equipment performance to question no longer so prominent, the important thing is how to bring about a better experience.

Sharp tools make good work. The chip manufacturer, the most essential is to want from the consumer perspective, in the performance of products to work on, through the hardware, software and other aspects to build the chip competitive. At the same time, the design of the program, but also pay attention to client demand, to set aside to show their characteristic space. Thus, in each link to personalize their build, the ultimate introduction of terminal products will maximize the difference of competition, in order to meet the different needs of consumers to use.

Huawei Baidu, Alibaba, and other enterprises to join the mobile phone industry chain, combined with their own development capacity launched a mobile phone and there are significant differences between traditional mobile phone. Although the Android system, but also with their own advantages, built-in manufacturers for a variety of applications. Ali Alibaba cloud mobile phone is loaded with a variety of applications; Tencent chat software and mobile phone have light. At the same time, are energetically constructing background cloud services platform, to provide cloud storage services. And Android did a large number of custom development, making the new system more in line with China's consumer appetite.

At the macro level, chip manufacturers are required to grasp the pulse of the whole industrial chain. If the software and hardware product is the measure of the rigid index, then the service is flexible index. Service as logistical support, help to ensure all-round product value, enhance the competitiveness of products. In chip development cycle, also need to ensure that products listed speed, at the same time, supply chain management, so as to enhance the product in the market initiative.

Industry chain cooperation is vital, for chip manufacturer, and mobile phone manufacturers, operators and service providers cooperation, not one less.



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