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About us
About us
Newtronics Hangzhou Co., Ltd.
ADD:NO.15,Jiu ZhouRoad,Jiang Gan Science&Technology Economic Park Hangzhou
P.C: 310019


Time flies, time flies, with the electronic communications industry, with the historical pace of progress, New York Electronics Co., Ltd. through a decade of glorious history. Construction of the New York-founder of record company, raising the people. People identified as "harmony, innovation, break through, across," the New York creative spirit, and forming a system of philosophy, values and operating mechanisms.
The company's development and growth, embodied the leadership at all levels of support and encouragement, is inseparable from the wider community understanding and support of friends, old and new customers can not do without the concern and care over the years. In behalf of the New York record company staff, to all concerned, to support the development of New Zealand creative leadership at all levels, departments, and to all strategic partners and the community to express our sincere thanks!
Pioneering stopped working hard, fighting hard fruits. New York hit man worked hard to create a brilliant creation of New York Foundation, New York created a new break the sky. With years of professional experience in electronic manufacturing services, providing customers with low-cost electronics manufacturing services, commitment to high standards of quality, advanced supply chain management and perfect after-sales service, has become well-known international companies many strategic partners.
Suiyueruge, trek like dance. Over the past decade, we have an upsurge of agitation; Looking ahead, we pride. No matter how far the course of ten years, are only a short moment in history; years success, no matter how brilliant, can only be representative of past history. Inheritance is not just to harvest, but also to inspire us to continue sowing hope, and strive to create a better future!
Let us join hands and the future, seize the opportunity, good governance, the momentum, another New York record company a new glory.
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Newtronics Hangzhou Co., Ltd. NO.15,Jiu ZhouRoad,Jiang Gan Science&Technology Economic Park Hangzhou
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